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Friday, 12 July 2013

frame for kanha ji

hey guys this is a step by step tutorial for kanha ji..
hope you guys enjoy it..:)

step 1:

 well i've taken a cardboard piece and covered with gum and then i've kept thread in some random pattern and then covered it with fevicol and then heated the whole thing under a candle and then i've let it dry for a while and after a while i've colored it with gold dust using a sponge and then i've sprayed a hair spray nd hence i got this gorgeous mettalic look and then using the same sponge i've covered the frame with green acralic color..

step 2 :

here i've used spellbinders and created this round thing by running it through big shot..and placed it at the center as shown in the picure..

step 3:

i've used a border as seen in the picture and bordered the frame..

step 4:

here as seen i've placed a peacock feather..
and then i,ve used a big shot and it's die as seen in the picture and then i've cut it into half and placed it at the center as seen in the picture..

step 5:

i've made these beautiful itsy bitsy die for making beautiful flower and added a pearl to it..

step 6:

i've placed those flowers at the borders and placed an idol of kanha ji at the center..and added pearls at the borders..

step 7:

and tada...!
this is the final look..:)


Unknown said...

but pictures are not that much clear AMMA

Sunehra Koshy said...

Hi Niveditha, this is a very interesting project. I am quite intrigued by the steps leading up to the finished project. Great stuff. Since this is the Sizzix Tutorial Challenge, I need to know what Sizzix product you have used. Please let me know and Thanks so much for playing along ItsyBitsy's Sizzix Tutorial Challenge. All the very best!
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